Why you should read this blog…

Hi there! I’m Abby, the person behind the blog (and the instagram ). As I’m fond of saying, I’m a 20-something here sharing my passion for crocheting, sewing, and other “fiber arts” and I want to show you that these aren’t just your grandma’s hobbies anymore. Rather, crochet is a fun, useful, and downright awesome hobby for a 21st century person.

I learned how to crochet as a child, but of course, with that short attention span and lack of tactile skill, I was quickly frustrated with how long it took to make anything and why it was always wonky when I did finally make something. My crochet hooks quickly got relegated to the back of the closet where they sat collecting dust until the fall of 2015. At that point, I was in my junior year of undergraduate studies and was going crazy with stress. I needed something to calm my mind but also give me a way to feel creative and productive. I had seen some cute ear warmer headbands on pinterest around that time and decided, “You know what, I’m going to try crocheting again. Worst case scenario I hate it and put everything back into storage.” Fast forward a few days, and I was crocheting like crazy. Every spare moment found me staring at a pattern, or practicing new stitches. I’ve been crocheting with varying degrees of devotion ever since, and have decided to share what I’ve learned and what I’m working on now.

This blog is a great place to start if you’re a beginner, as I’ll link to youtube and written tutorials for learning new stitches. But it’s also a lovely place to find patterns if you’re at an intermediate level as well. All of my patterns are tested by myself and friends, if you run into any issues or confusing bits, feel free to reach out here in the comments on each post, or via email.


2 thoughts on “Why you should read this blog…

  1. Abby says:

    Hi Abby! I’m also an Abby and a crocheter 😂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts, getting some inspiration and learning a few hints along the way.


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